Core values of
CSi palletising

CSi palletising is performing as a winning team on the basis of the following values:

Customer centric
Our mission is to help customers excel in productivity at the end of their production lines. We do this by putting the customer and their requirements at the heart of everything that we do. This results in happy and loyal customers that prefer to work with CSi as a trusted partner.

CSi employees see chances and opportunities in every situation. With a broad knowledge of technology functions and a professional attitude, these possibilities are turned into real benefits for our customers and successes for CSi. In this way we all contribute to the growth and success of our company.

Say what you do and do what you say. In all communication it is transparent what we want and what we will do. Integrity and trustworthiness are two basic elements of this value. In our equipment we strive to make it as reliable as possible in order for our customers to work with it without any disturbances or unplanned costs.


We are all living in a delicate ecological balance. Everybody needs to take responsibility for the impact of their actions and the consequences that result both now and in the future. CSi takes a proactive role in protecting the environment and promoting an inclusive development of society.

We get things done. We realise remarkable projects with our excellent equipment in sometimes difficult circumstances, and support these installations over their life cycle with reliable services. As professionals we strive to reach the maximum result. We have passion for what we do and we are proud of what we accomplish.

The only possible way to be successful in our markets is by working collaboratively and sharing each other’s input, knowledge and experiences, both within the organisation and with external partners. We support the growth and development of all members of the team and share and celebrate success by valuing and recognising each contribution.

Why join our


Excellent work atmosphere

The colleagues in the CSi palletising teams have different experiences and backgrounds, which creates an excellent and challenging work atmosphere. Mutual trust and bonding are created and develops in working closely together in multidisciplinary teams. But also the informal get-togethers and organisation wide parties and celebrations play an important role.


Great working conditions

Working at CSi palletising is dynamic and offers its teams a stimulating work environment. Developing yourself is key in the development of CSi as a company and in developing our relationships with demanding multinational customers. Therefore, CSi invests in education, training and coaching of its employees. Within CSi, entrepreneurship is stimulated and people have a lot of freedom to do their job. In this way they work with passion and are able to take their own responsibility.


Not only ourselves

Serving our customers in the best way possible, earning some money as a result of that and having fun while doing it, are key drivers for CSi. However, we also care about the world around us. Together with our customers we continuously look for improvements for instance in the areas of reducing energy consumption and improving the working environment for many people around the globe.