Elimar Mielke

CSi is a large family that specialises in conveyor and palletising technology. With our colleagues who have many years of experience, we can offer a solution for almost every task our customers have. Either from our standard delivery program or specially developed solutions that are tailored to the customer. The focus is always on solutions that enable our customers to achieve higher performance and a quick ROI. Innovation using the latest technologies is also very important to CSi. See examples such as Remote SAT, Remote Support, etc. All developments that help reduce costs.

Working at
I have been with CSi since 2001 and am responsible for the DACH area. Every day there are new challenges and tasks to be mastered. My job is very interesting and a lot of fun because it includes many activities: sales of new systems and service, marketing activities, trade fairs, support for our sales representatives and much more. In order to do these things, freedom in how and when you do your work needs to be given, which CSi does. The most important thing about CSi is YOU.