Pernel van Riet

System Integration Engineer

At CSi, people are always willing to help each other. Together we do our best to serve the customer; the focus at CSi is not on individual gains. Management is not micro-managing: they trust you to plan and do your own work. They count on you that you speak up whenever you have a good idea or proposal. In such a project-based organisation it is sometimes required to work a little harder periodically. However, CSi always tries to take people’s personal preferences into account.

Working at
I like to work on projects, to be involved from start to end. In the beginning, we define the exact scope together with the customer and in the end the customer signs off on a smoothly running palletising system. It is energising to be involved in every stage of the project: discussions with the engineers, together with purchasing checking that all parts arrive in time, planning installation & commissioning and finally going to the site and seeing the result. I enjoy anticipating which types of technical risks might happen throughout the project and coming up with a quick last-minute fix every now and then to avoid any dullness.